Install REPcloud's Who Am I? Facebook app to learn what the community has said about you, to learn about anyone's reputation,
or to find the highest ranked people for any tag.


REPcloud allows you to tag people you know with any descriptor, and allows you to see how your friends have described you. REPcloud then builds a cloud for each, in which the size of each tag depends on how many people used it to describe the REPcloud's owner AND the rater's reputation for that tag. For example, if you get tagged 'smart' by a person who has been rated 'smart' herself, Who am I? will consider you smarter than if you were tagged by any random nitwit. The more you are tagged, the more we know about you, and the higher your reputation for your qualities. So invite all your friends to tag you! You may click on a tag to find out who tagged that person with that tag. You can also search for any tag to find the people with the highest reputation for that tag. Search for smart and you'll find the people the community considers smartest; search for hot and you'll find those the community considers hottest. Search for get the point.